Видео: Shimano Tyrnos 50 Review Braid VS Mono

Shimano Tyrnos 50 Spooling braid and mono topshot length

Forgot to mention I started off with some 40lb mono to get a bedding on the spool so you don't get braid slip, enough to do 2 ...

Braid vs Mono - The Lady Knows Her Mono

Captain Jeff doing what all good guides do, walking the docks and seawalls comes across Rhoda catching slob Pinfish on Mono.

Braid line VS Mono line

This is just a quick video on my opinion on lines. There isn't much to it, its really all preference COMMENT, RATE and ...


The easiest way to spool a game fishing reel, well any type of boat reel for that matter. This is a must know, shown by Matt Watson ...

Best Trolling Reels 2020

Click here -- http://smartpicked.com/best-trolling-reels/ Are you looking for the Best Trolling Reels. We spent hours to find out the ...

braid-mono comparison

This is a demonstration showing the difference in stretch between 6lb mono and 6lb braid. The demo explains why braided line is ...

100lb Xtreme braid hollow core on shimano tld 30

Adding to the list of reels and what They hold with these type of braids... Music by www.bensound.com.

fishing Montenegro shimano tyrnos 50 bluefi tuna 60kg 10min fight

Направио/ла сам овај видео у YouTube уређивачу видео снимака (https://www.youtube.com/editor)

Mono Vs. Braid - What's the Deal With My Reel?

Some thoughts on mono vs. braid, and a few problems I ran into led me to asking what's the deal with my reel? I've used various ...


Mark Davis from BigWater Adventures gives us the breakdown on the difference between leaders, topshots, and main lines when ...

C.A. Richardson (E-TEAM) on Mono vs. Braid

Be sure to join E-NATION at http://www.Evinrude.com/ENATION and Like Evinrude on Facebook at ...

Tyrnos Drag Lever

Shimano Tyrnos Drag Lever O Ring Change. A quick remedy to fix the loose drag lever on all Shimano Tyrnos models.

Shimano Tyrnos 50LRS Single Speed Game Reel

Shimano Tyrnos 50LRS Single Speed Game Reel Features: 4.0:1 gear ratio 19kg max drag power 4 bearings 1628g weight ...

How to Spool Braid to a Conventional Reel

How to spool Braid line to conventional fishing reel without slip.

War of Lines: Braid VS Mono

Hey Guys, my second video has arrived, discussing differences between Mono and Braid! Sorry about the bad audio & video.

80lb Xtreme braid on 50w Tiagra 1500yds plus

Finally getting a the 50w Tiagra fully spooled with 80lb solid Xtreme braid... Let see how it does... Music by www.bensound.com.

How to Clean and Service your Game Reels | The Hook and The Cook

How to Clean and Service your Game Fishing Reel, https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHookandTheCook Please subscribe to our ...


MULTIPLIKÁTOR TICA WTS 50 pre big game fishing https://www.esox.eu Saltwater Big Game Trolling Reel.

battling 170lb Tuna breaks Shimano TLD50_102

Battling a 170lb YFT off the coast of Puerto Vallarta and breaking a Shimano TLD50 at the reel base.

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