Видео: #TBT Testing #Topping D30 #DSD with old friend Philips CD850

Comparison Topping D30 VS Topping D50 / Am I still with my choice ?

i back to made this comparison about them. using a Topping TP60 class T solid amplifier and my diy full range speakers 4" ( fostex ...

Who are The Looser ? Chord Mojo vs Topping d30 ( mod)

I have done compared the dacs of chord mojo vs Topping d30 ( after replace the capacitor and usb input (gold plated).

DAC Comparison: Topping D30 vs Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Both DACS were tested on: Scientific Fidelity Tesla speakers Cambridge Audio 650A amp Rega Brio 3 amp.

TOPPING D30 Upgrade the IC op.amp with RARE the NOS Burr-Brown / it is why I chose D30

It is answer from why am I chose the D30. I can do more tweaking with D30. Nice board. I have desoldering the OPA2134PA on ...

Make my Dac Topping d30 improved the high quality Sound

Sorry it is vid not perfect because i no have documentation of my project. I hope it help for you to upgrade your d30. Please ...

TOPPING D30 VS CHORD MOJO (vacuum tube vs solid stage)

time: DSD 2.8Mhz 1 bit 00.07 - 02.16 : Topping d30 DSD 02.17 - 04.16 : Chord Mojo. 44.1Khz 16bit 04.17 - 05.52 : Topping D30 ...

Dire Straits Telegraph Road Rega RS5 Allo Volt+ Topping D30

Components: Rega RS5 Topping D30 Allo Volt+ Mundorf Interconnect Audioquest G2 Audirvana via Macbook Air Tidal Song: ...

My choice is Topping DAC D30 + Melissa Menago

It's my choice. I have compared with the D50 and I stayed with D30 because it has a good sound and have a nice PCB with the not ...

Itunes + Airport Express + Topping D30 + Yamaha A-S501 + KEF Q700 & SVS PB1000, I Could Have Lie

Itunes + Airport Express + Topping D30 + Yamaha A-S501 + KEF Q700 & SVS PB1000, I Could Have Lie, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Comparison Topping DAC's : D30 vs D50 / Who do i choose?

Media player : USB audio player Pro. appk file: DSD 2.8MHz from Bluecoast record. diy devices by mine Time: 00.24 - 02.25 ...

Topping D30 DAC解碼器 - FLAC vs DSD檔案對比

DAC:Topping D30 AMP:Breeze Audio 3116 喇叭:Classic Series Full Range Speaker 303 FLAC & DSD files A-B test.

Sound demo: Topping D30 vs Schiit Modi 3 DAC, KEF Q350

00:04 D30 01:02 Modi 3 Sound demo: Topping D30 vs Schiit Modi 3 DAC, KEF Q350 Marantz Integrated Amp.

Topping D50 vs D30 vs D70 recorded by focusrite 6i6

Time: d50 : 00.09 - 02.32 d30: 02.35 - 05.22 d70 : 05.25 - finished. the dual dac chips is very good at sound separation and wide ...

Real Comparison NO EDIT the Chord Mojo vs Topping d30 (mod)

Get the similarly output gain, Input 1 of The Chord Mojo Input 2 of The Topping d30 It is real time to records , just pause.

Topping D10 DAC vs Oppo BDP-105D

First test of my new Topping D10 DAC.....Not bad, sounds great for it's price but I prefer my Oppo player :) First part is for Topping ...

Unboxing Curious about Topping D30 DAC

I am curious about the Digital to Analog Converter from Topping. I previously had a D50 topping dac. but many say the D30 dac ...

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